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15 Second Film Festival

With the aim of producing and commissioning a new form of micro media films, The 15 Second Film Festival is premiering a batch of 30 new films to a local audience at QFT.

All of the 15 Second Films have been produced or commissioned in Belfast and now is the chance to see what this Belfast based film company has to offer.

Peter "Magic" Johnston - the creative supremo behind the 15 Second Film Festival said: "There is nothing else like The 15 Second Film Festival around. In the digital age, society is bombarded with micro media via the Internet. Attention spans are dwindling and we are offering a format tailored for the YouTube generation."

Accompanying this year's batch of films will be a 30 minute documentary following the journey of the 15 Second Film Festival going from strength to strength over the last few years.

Come along and indulge in a genuinely unique visual experience. Welcome to the Cinema of Distraction.

Run Time

1 hour 10 minutes

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